With years of competent, cleaning excellence the future looks spotless

Hygenix continues to grow - with repeat customers using us again and again.

Our Ethos

  • Hygenix aims to improve the livelihoods of our customers at home and in the workplace by providing a service which keeps them happy and healthy in the environment which they are in.

    We strive to remove the stress of having to add cleaning your home to your busy lives and make your workplace a safe and hygienic space for your customers.

Our Vision

  • The future of Hygenix is to improve the environment and the communities where we live and work, in your local area and wider regions through impeccable quality cleaning and customer satisfaction.

    We endeavour to provide services that comply with environmentally safe practices - recycling plastics and using eco friendly cleaning products whenever possible.

Our History

  • Hygenix has been operating in South Yorkshire for the past 6 years (previously as Classic Clean). We boast a team of competent and experienced cleaners who continuously meet the needs of our domestic and commercial customers, to the point that they have no apprehensions of using us time and time again.

    Under our new Director we envisage that growth will continue, as it has done over the last 6 years, and improve whilst still providing our existing, and new, customers with the high standards we have always set ourselves.